Siting beside the beautiful Huangpu river, Gillkon has become one of the leaders of the time. Gillkon has gotten a bright situation together with the development of the world economy.
As for many years of hard working, Gillkon develops day by day, we have become most competitive enterprise in plastic business line.
As for the informatization and globalization day of today, the economic situation and competition environment changes everyday , we are well awared the competition and challenge we meet. So we always keep to use new strategy and management to increase our competiveness, to revise the mode of capital operation and the way of marketing, to make us to be active while the market challenge, to catch each chance to keep Gillkon`s sustainable development.
Gillkon always insists to cultivate and build core team and professional staff. We already have a broad vision, full of enterprise spirit and professional core team, it makes Gillkon`s each decision and project far-sighted and efficient. Today, more and more elites join in Gillkon, it will help Gillkon to have more great ideas and make our development steadily.
As for the works we have done in the past, we win a lot of belief, support and reputation in the same industry. We will always keep “ your satisfaction will be our forever pursuit” as our business concept, to introduce more elites, and working harder to get much better future.
Let us cooperate and have perfect business together in the future.