Gillkon Screw Manufacturing(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. sites in beautiful oriental pearl—Shanghai.
Elegant business environment and convenient traffic in Shanghai helps to create more and more famous brands. Gillkon will be another pearl in this beautiful city in the near future as our forward looking, efficiency , innovation and the business concept of “Look quality as the footstone, look technology as company strength”.
Being professional first. Gillkon gathered and cultivated a good team with open minded, career minded and outstanding professional ability. We introduced advanced manufacturing and design concept from Germany and Japan, in R&D of screw and barrel of plastic injection molding machine, Gillkon has reached the top in domestic market, it opened a new page on the technology and price competition in screw industry.
With the increasingly developing of plastic industry, Gillkon company is committed to develop high quality alloy screw and barrel to match with the market`s need and special requirement by clients, and we provide professional design and production for screw and barrel, and always consist same standard technology with the latest ones. Molding materials involve halogen free materials, high fiber materials, ceramic, powder alloy, magnetic materials, high corrosive materials, high temperature materials, thermosetting materials, liquid materials, high abrasion materials and other special materials. Application: IT`s connectors, auto parts, optical products, precision gears and special industry. We also can produce according to clients` requirements.
Gillkon company has been built long term cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Beijing University of Chemical Technology in technical of manufacture, study and research. It provides strong technical support and make some high end scientific research into productive forces.
The raw steel materials of making screws and alloy powder of making barrels are all imported from Germany and Japan. We try our best to control quality from the source. About mechanical properties, wear, and corrosion test are provided by authority organization—Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University of Engineering and science. The real authority of performance data is strong backing for quality guarantee.
According to the different physical characteristics of raw materials, product requirements and all kinds of complex engineering technology. We classify product series to the convenience of clients according to their own need than chosen, the classification of the series, and can effectively enhance the integrated our ERP operation efficiency.
The solid alloy hard screws, iron based, nickel based, cobalt based alloy centrifugal casting barrels show superiority in the anti wear properties, resistant to corrosion, polishing performance, high temperature toughness, these products` quality reach German and Japanese standard.
The special engineering plastic in plastic industry are : PPS(halogen free)+50%GF, PA(halogen free)+65%GF,PA5T(halogen free), PA6T(halogen free), PA9T(halogen free), PA10T(halogen free), LCP(halogen free)+50%GF, PEEK, PEI, PPT, POM, PPO, fluoroplastic, our company has successfully conquered high wear and high corrosion problems for the materials above.
“ one to one” in the professional service, before you choose and buy, Gillkon engineer has as much as possible to consider your benefit. We get many good praises from our new and old clients in the pre-sale, sale and after-sale service. Hope to cooperate with you in the near future.